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Adjustment and test of hydro-generator under no-load excitation regulator

发表时间:2017-08-18 Article source : Couch motor manufacturersPublished time: 2017-08-18

Adjustment and test of hydro-generator under no-load excitation regulator

The mediation and practice of the excitation actuator under no-load of the hydro-generator. At the rated speed of the generator, the excitation is in the manual position. The start-up inspection is to check the manual operation unit's transfer line. Must not be lower than% of the rated excitation voltage of the generator.

Check the voltage adjustment boundary of the excitation transfer system, which should meet the design conditions. The automatic excitation regulator should be able to perform stable and smooth transfer within the% ~% boundary of the generator's no-load rated voltage.

Measure the open loop magnification of the excitation actuator. Record and observe the characteristics of the excitation actuator. Regarding the thyristor excitation system, you should also check the current and voltage coefficient of the power rectifier bridge under the condition of rated no-load excitation current. Should not be lower than ...

In the no-load form of the generator, the stability and overshoot of the excitation actuator pouring, manual and automatic switching, channel switching, start and stop with the exciting actuator are separately checked. When the generator is under no-load and the speed is in the range of% ~ %, Within the rated value boundary.

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