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Diesel generator sets

发表时间:2017-08-18 Article source : Couch motor manufacturersPublished time: 2017-08-18

Diesel generator sets

The engine oil has four poor functions such as cooling, smoothness, cleanliness, and sealing. The quality of the engine oil is not directly related to the employment function of the engine. Therefore, the fluid level of the engine oil and its contaminated level must be regularly checked to ensure that the generator is in excellent working condition. Employment.

When a diesel engine is employed, a part of the combustible gas and exhaust gas will always enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall. If the piston ring is damaged, this symptom will be even more urgent. After the fuel vapor in the crankcase has condensed, the engine oil will be adjusted and released. The acidic materials and water vapor in the exhaust gas will invade the components, and at the same time, the engine will not gradually adjust the release, aging and coking, which will deteriorate the function of the engine oil. In addition, the gas in the crankcase will increase the temperature and pressure in the box and become engine oil. Secreted from oil seals, gaskets, etc.

The main causes of overheating of the diesel engine are insufficient cooling water, excessive scale in the cooling system, and faults in the water pump. The cooling water cycle is interrupted. Debris obstructs the radiator, radiator cover and thermostat. The fan belt is too loose or broken. Long-term operation under poor load, caused by the ignition of the carbon deposits in the ignition chamber and the inconsistency of the oil in the smooth oil system. When the diesel engine overheats, it will cause the oil temperature to rise, which will accelerate the aging and taste of the oil.

When the engine oil of a diesel generator is employed in the tropics and under high pressure, its antioxidant security deteriorates, aggravating the processes of thermal decomposition, oxidation, and polymerization. In the tropics, motor oil and under-ignited products, condensed water vapor and Assimilation of dust entrained in the intake air will cause the rate of oil smell to accelerate.

The shrinkage ratio of an oil engine is more than twice that of a gasoline engine, and its primary components are subject to more severe tropical revenge than a gasoline engine. Therefore, some components have different construction materials. For example, gasoline engine spindle bushings and connecting rod axle bushes are available. Babbitt alloys with softer materials and good corrosion resistance are used for construction, while diesel engine bushings are forced to be constructed with high-performance materials such as lead bronze or lead alloys, but the corrosion resistance of these materials is poor.

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  • 发电机租赁必须对它的操纵规程有一定的认识
    Before starting, you should check whether the fuel volume of the fuel tank is rich, and there is no oil leakage in each oil pipe and the discussion area; whether the cooling system water is rich, clean and leak-free, and whether the fan belt is tight or not. The internal combustion engine and generator drive parts should be connected and trusted. The wires of the input line are well-insulated, complete and effective in all aspects. After starting, it should run at low speed for 3 to 5 minutes. After the temperature and oil pressure wheel are normal, the initial work can be done. The generator should be no different in the speed increase. Ring, the slip ring and commutator are well brushed, no jumping and sparking phenomenon. After the operation is stable and the frequency and voltage reach the rated value, power can be supplied to the outside.
  • 小负荷柴油发电机组在工作时有哪些故障
    In the power generation industry in China, we have been working hard, pursuing the concept of quality and service, and for the sake of customers, the full power generator chooses China and your generator is a professional housekeeper. At present, the diesel generator set maintenance market refers to damage inspection and routine maintenance. Two aspects: after maintenance refers to the failure of the diesel generator, there are problems with various accessories, such as replacing the generator or
  • 介绍柴油发电机组辨别冒烟颜色启动从预热开始
    Blue smoke, fire reason: It means that the engine is burning oil. There are three types of reasons: first, the piston ring goes opposite, and the oil comes in the cylinder; the second is the oil level of the oil pan of the atmosphere filter, which leads the ring. The height of the groove; Third, the gap between the duct and the valve stem is too poor. Expulsion idea: Adjust the piston ring so that the opening teeth of the ring are staggered 120 degrees or 180 degrees, and the opening teeth of the ring should avoid the piston pin hole and the side pressure is poor. Adjust the height of the oil level of the oil filter of the atmosphere filter below the height of the annular groove; if the clearance between the duct and the valve stem is too poor, replace the component and reduce the clearance. The normal mutual assistance clearance between the two is 0.0
  • 同步发电机一般常见问题的处理
    The diesel engine is working normally, but the generator fails to generate electricity or the voltage is very low. This may be due to the components associated with the generator, such as: the exciter is damaged, and the excitation voltage cannot be supplied. The excitation current is taken in. The rotor's dead center residual magnetism is weakened or declining. It will make the generator unable to generate electricity or the transmission voltage is extremely low. The right to respond is usually: use an appropriate DC voltage and directly connect to the excitation winding according to the polarity Magnetization. Carefully inspect the exciter and the cyclotron rectifier, find abnormal components or windings, and replace them for restoration. The generator's transmission voltage is unstable, and

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