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What are the causes and uses of diesel generator failures?

发表时间:2019-06-06 Article source : Couch motor manufacturersPost time: 2019-06-06

In some places far away from the power supply, the only option is to use a diesel generator to ensure the power supply. This small-scale power generation equipment is widely used in remote areas and is of great significance to local residents. But what should I do if the diesel generator fails? What are the specific uses of diesel generators? Let ’s take a closer look at “What are the causes and uses of diesel generator failures?”

[What is the reason for the frequent failure of diesel generators]

Some users of diesel generator sets of the same brand rarely experience such failures in the process of use, and some users often have various and many inexplicable phenomena. Why is this? Is the difference between the same generators so big? It can be safely said that diesel generator rental is not a problem of the unit itself, and this problem mainly lies in personal operation. If the operator does not follow the operating rules, there are many errors in actual operation, which will increase the occurrence of unit failure to a certain extent.

Here the diesel generator rental solemnly proposes to the majority of users that the following points must be avoided when operating a diesel generator set:

First of all, if you blast the throttle, the speed of the diesel engine will rise sharply, which will cause some friction surfaces on the machine to wear out severely due to dry friction. In addition, the piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft will undergo a large change in force when the throttle is blasted, causing a severe impact Easy to damage the mechanism. And when the diesel engine is cold-started, due to the large viscosity of the oil, poor fluidity, insufficient oil supply to the oil pump, poor friction due to lack of oil on the friction surface of the machine, causing sharp wear, and even failures such as cylinder pulling and tile burning.

Therefore, the diesel engine should start warming up at idle speed and run with load when the standby oil temperature reaches 40 C or higher; the machine should start at low speed and drive a mileage in each gear step by step until the oil temperature is normal and the fuel supply is sufficient Only then can it switch to normal driving. At this time, due to insufficient oil supply, the surface of each friction pair is insufficiently supplied with oil, which causes abnormal wear or burns. To this end, before the machine starts and during the operation of the diesel engine, ensure that the oil is sufficient to prevent the cylinder from being burned due to lack of oil. Tile failure.

Due to excessive load of diesel generator set, too low voltage or mechanical blockage caused by stranding, it will constitute overload operation of diesel generator set. Therefore, during the operation of the diesel generator set, it is necessary to check whether the transmission operation is sensitive and reliable; whether the concentricity of the coupling is standard; the sensitivity of the gear transmission, etc., if any jamming is found, it should be stopped immediately to eliminate it Work after the failure.

[What are the four main uses of diesel generators]

I. Self-provided power supply Some power consumption units do not have network power supply, such as islands far from the mainland, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, military camps, workstations, and radar stations in the desert plateau, etc., need to be equipped with self-contained power supplies. The so-called self-provided power source is a power source that is used by itself. When the power generation is not too large, the diesel generator set often becomes a self-provided power source.

Second, standby power The standby power is also called emergency power. The main purpose is that although some power units have a relatively reliable and reliable network power supply, in order to prevent unexpected situations, such as circuit failure or temporary power outage, they are still configured with The backup power supply is used for emergency power generation. It can be seen that the backup power supply is actually a kind of self-contained power supply, but it is not used as the main power supply, but only used as a relief means in emergency situations.

Third, the replacement power supply The role of the replacement power supply is to make up for the shortage of network power supply. There may be two cases. One is that the price of grid electricity is too high. From the perspective of cost savings, diesel generators are selected as alternative power sources. The other is that under the situation of insufficient grid electricity supply, the use of grid electricity is restricted and the power supply department has to go everywhere. When the power is turned off, the power unit needs to replace the power supply for relief in order to produce and work normally.

Fourth, mobile power, mobile power is a power generation facility without a fixed place of use, but transferred everywhere. Diesel generators are mobile power because of their light, flexible, and easy-to-operate features. Mobile power is generally designed as a power source vehicle, with self-powered vehicles and trailer-powered vehicles.

The above introduction on "What are the causes of diesel generator failures" and "What are the four main uses of diesel generators?" help.

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